At WeCARE, volunteers help set the tone for the compassionate care our patients and families receive. The love, respect and care our volunteers provide is vitally important to our patients’ overall well-being during challenging times. We seek individuals that are committed to adding to the quality of life of a new acquaintance. It can be by interacting directly with patients or working behind the scenes in the office setting.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Support For Patients
  • Providing Friendly Visits to Lift a Patient’s Spirit
  • Support For Family Members
  • Bereavement Support
  • Fundraising
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Chaplain
  • Pet Volunteer
  • Musician

Volunteer Opportunities

For your safety and the safety of our patients and families, we will perform an interview and background checks before making an invitation to our program. When you become a volunteer, we will provide you with a detailed orientation to the program, so you will fully understand our caring philosophy and have the skills needed. As a WeCARE Volunteer, you can donate as much or as little of your time as you desire.

To apply for WeCARE’s Volunteer Program, contact info@wecarehospice.org