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Hospice Care

Hospice care gives the gift of quality time. Time to connect with family and friends. Time to create good memories. It is specialized care that focuses on supporting you and your loved ones during an advanced illness. The emphasis is on comfort and quality of life which enables you to live each day to the fullest as comfortably as possible. Your loved one will receive skilled nursing care wherever they live—including medications and equipment related to their hospice diagnosis—as well as emotional, social and spiritual support.

Tailored Care to Meet Your Needs.

WeCARE Hospice goals and how it may help you

  • Prevent suffering.
  • Minimize pain and other symptoms.
  • Respect your right to refuse treatments.
  • Support your family with explanation, professional advice and encouragement.
  • Bereavement support and Grief care for family
  • Bilingual Staff (see more information under Languages)

WeCARE Careers

Care for All

We promise to care for the mind, body and spirit in a way that is comforting and compassionate.

WeCARE Experience

We promise to be the difference in our patients’ day, working to create memorable moments that define their WeCARE Experience.

Support for Family

We promise to be Family-Oriented, Patient-Driven and provide support for the entire family.

Service At Its Finest

WeCARE Hospice supports people in the place they call home by providing hospice and palliative services. Everything we do comes from passion for our community and its continued health. We work to keep our patients healthy and as comfortable as possible in every stage of life. We utilize a team-oriented approach to medical care, pain management, as well as emotional and spiritual support tailored to each unique patient.

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Your WeCARE Hospice Team is comprised of licensed medical professionals that are dedicated to keeping our patients as comfortable as possible.