Programs and Services

End-of-life patient care programs

Hospice care gives the gift of quality time. Time to connect with family and friends. Time to create good memories. It is specialized care that focuses on supporting you and your loved ones during an advanced illness. The emphasis is on comfort and quality of life which enables you to live each day to the fullest as comfortably as possible. Your loved one will receive skilled nursing care wherever they live—including medications and equipment related to their hospice diagnosis—as well as emotional, social and spiritual support.

WeCARE Hospice goals and how it may help you:​

  • Prevent suffering.
  • Minimize pain and other symptoms.
  • Respect your right to refuse treatments.
  • Support your family with explanation, professional advice and encouragement.
  • Bereavement support and Grief care for family
  • Bilingual Staff (see more information under Languages)

Enriched Care

Patients with terminal diagnoses can often benefit from creative art therapies designed to ease discomfort and improve communication. Mindfulness and creative art therapies combined with medical attention can help improve a patient’s quality of life by helping reducing stress, anxiety and peace of mind. At the same time, the therapy can be used as a tool to help caregivers cope.

Additional enriched care that we provide are:

  • Music Therapy
  • Volunteer pet visits
  • Telecare
  • Meditation